Harriet’s Notebook – New Album Update – April 2018

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Hey guys,

I’ve just come back from New York! Been taking a tiny break from touring and writing my second album. I wanted to take this moment to update you all on the progress on the follow-up to my first record. I started writing it roughly around six months ago and I’ve not really stopped since! Pausing only for touring and this trip to the Big Apple 😀 A lot of the album has been written in Stockholm with Jocke Olovsson, Par Westerlund, Jorgen Elofsson, Tony Nilsson and Tim & Tobias of ‘The Collab’. They are all AWESOME and I am absolutely loving every moment of this creative process!! I’ve also been writing with Steve Anderson, who I did my last album with, and I am really excited about the songs we have written! There isn’t really a science to knowing at what stage an album is at, but I’d say we are almost half way through… Can’t wait for you all to hear what we’ve been working on!

…So much so, I’ve started to sneak in a few songs that I’ve written for the new album into my current tour set. It has been so great to see and feel your responses from this new material. Some of these new songs have only just been written, so it’s special to get this opportunity to share them with you all. Performing brand new songs can be a nerve-wracking experience as often, they are not yet finished… and who knows if they will end up on the record, but it’s all part of the journey. The reactions to songs like Story of Your Life and I Lie have been wonderful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So what next?! I’ll soon be returning to Stockholm to write a little bit more. I’m so excited to start recording my final vocals for the album; though not before heading on the road once again for my remaining Spring tour dates with my band, where I hope to see you soon!

Love, Harriet x

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  1. That’s fantastic Harriet! I can’t wait to hear some of your new music. Wish that I lived over there and could see you while you’re on tour! Give Linda a big hug for me! Do you think anything will come from your New York trip? Like maybe some bookings over here? Good luck and can’t wait to hear the new music! <3 <3

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