COVER STORIES – Pre-Order New Exclusive Online CD Now!

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Harriet’s team are pleased to announce that she will be releasing a physical mini album of cover songs. It is now available to pre-order exclusively through her website online shop!

Harriet’s Shop [Link]

Cover Stories consists of eight tracks, including those from her most recent EP, ‘Every Breath You Take’, along with other covers that she and Steve Anderson have recorded during the making of her debut album.

For a limited time, there will be two options available when purchasing Cover Stories. The regular album comes as a Digi-pak and each will be individually signed by Harriet. The second option will be the fan ‘Diamond Package’, which includes a personally signed Cover Stories CD Album Digi-pak, a lyric sheet of one Harriet’s songs that will be hand-written and signed by her, a personalised letter, and your name mentioned, thanked and printed in the actual the sleeve notes of the physical CD itself. Due to the demand and success of the fan package of previous release we’ve taken on board your feedback and we’ve increased number of Diamond packages available however supply is still strictly limited and once they’re gone they’re gone.


  • To pre-order the Limited Edition Diamond Fan Package of Cover Stories please go here to Harriet’s online shop. The Diamond Package includes a signed CD, a lyric sheet of one of Harriet’s songs, a personalised letter and your name highlighted in the sleeve notes of Cover Stories itself. Diamond Package Link: Diamond Package Pre-order.


  • To pre-order the regular edition of Cover Stories please go here to Harriet’s online shop. The eight track mini-album will be released mid-Autumn, comes in four panel Digi-pak format and will be signed by Harriet herself. Cover Stories Link: Regular Pre-order.






One thought on “COVER STORIES – Pre-Order New Exclusive Online CD Now!

  1. Just ordered the Diamond package, Harriet. So can’t wait! Thanks for much to for making the Cover Stories CD available and all else included in the Diamond package. Smiles all around. 🙂

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