Harriet’s Notebook 03.08.2015

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Hello Everyone!

I have just realised it has been a year since the release of my debut EP, What’s Mine Is Yours – I can’t believe it! So much has happened since then and it’s been terrific to have you all on board throughout this journey so far 🙂 (Download What’s Mine Is Yours EP here).

Thank you for all your wonderful comments about my new Covers EP. Don’t worry – it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing and recording original material! It’s just something Steve and I have wanted to do for a quite some time now. These songs in particular weren’t perhaps obvious choices, especially given how I always go on about my musical influences as coming from the 1970s; America, Bread, The Beach Boys, Steven Bishop etc…I was really keen to choose songs that Steve and I could breathe a completely different sound into. As you can probably imagine, if the two of us went into the studio to record a David Gates song, I would just want to make it sound like a David Gates record! Haha 😀 With these three songs, Steve and I had a lot more scope for creating something that is (I hope!) exciting and original. If you haven’t heard my Every Breath You Take EP yet, please do have a listen – I’d love to know what you think and what your favourite track is! (Download here)

There will be another release on its way soon of some new original songs, that I can’t wait for you to hear! By the way, I really enjoy receiving all your artist and song recommendations! Some of them I have never heard of, and I love the musical education! So please do keep them coming! 🙂

I am currently in Cornwall on holiday for a week. It was like a second home for me as I used to visit several times a year for most of my childhood, so I feel very connected the seaside. The air and the light feels very different to anywhere else I’ve been in this country and I find it so inspiring. Hey, maybe in another life I was a mermaid! Are any of you from down here? I can’t help but think it would be a beautiful place to live… On the subject of places to live, I find it so exciting that all of you, my fans, are from ALL of the globe!! I really cannot WAIT to tour the world one day and perform live in all those incredible venues out there…. Eeeeek! 😀 One day! As soon as I possibly can!

I will be in touch again soon, with holiday photos! 😀

Lots of love,

Harriet X


6 thoughts on “Harriet’s Notebook 03.08.2015

  1. Great blog as usual. Would be great if you made it to the USA to perform, but please do it soon as I will be celebrating my 78th birthday just 2 weeks from today! Would love to see and hear you at a venue in Kansas City! We really are not a cowtown! 😛

    1. Haha Norma, If I could, I’d fly to Kansas City to perform for you! 😀 Eeeek! One day! As soon as I can get to the US, I will! Xx

  2. Hi Harriet…..do love hearing all your news…..we know Cornwall very well……my husband comes from Cornwall and his family live in Falmouth and Truro…we go down quite regularly….enjoy your week.
    I have downloaded your new EP…but not had a chance to burn it onto CD yet to listen to….( I’m deaf so iPods etc not loud enough for me…need the volume on CD player pretty high !!……as soon as I get a chance to listen I’ll let you have my thoughts…..they are bound to be good…so don’t worry. !! Xx

  3. Hi Harriet. Your voice really is liquid gold. Really ‘really’ impressed with ALL the songs (and videos) you’ve published so far. Covers are simply BRILLIANT whilst your Originals are inspired. Cant get enough. How can we persuade you to come and perform live up North? Would love to see and hear you live anywhere near Liverpool or Manchester! Keep doing what you do…its MAGIC. xxx

      1. Hi Harriet, thank you for replying….regarding your CD….JUST A THOUGHT….I subscribe to Spotify premium online paying 9.99 a month.
        Within my account I have a ‘Harriet’ playlist with all your songs on…I have this playlist on most days so any of your songs probably play numerous times a day. I personally have no need for a hard copy CD as I can even play spotify via my phone through my car bluetooth system. I have always assumed that Spotify in turn pay artistes royalties, per play of their songs, so you are not losing out financially. That said…Happy to buy a copy now as well. David x

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