Harriet’s Notebook 04.09.2015

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Happy Friday Everyone!

This week has been a busy one. I am so overwhelmed at your response to ‘Cover Stories’ and would like to personally thank all of you who have pre-order the physical CD! I am so excited about this release, and have been working with my team to create the artwork for the digipak – The first CD we’ve done in this format, which makes this really special! 😀 It is finally finished, complete with all names of those of you who chose the ‘Diamond Package’. I’d like to thank you again for participating in this – it is such a privilege to be able to mention just a few of the names of the people who have supported me up until now on the cover of this CD! Don’t worry if you missed the ‘Diamond Package’, as the single CD is still available to preorder through my online shop, and has already sold so many copies! Can’t believe it! I am so happy 😀 I will be signing every one of these CDs too. Cover Stories is due to be released and sent out to you all, Mid-Autumn/Fall. As soon as we have a more specific date, I will let you know! Thank you all for being patient 🙂

Steve and I are putting the finishing touches to the exclusive track, The Best Is Yet To Come and I can’t wait for you to hear this! Remember, this physical CD is the only way you can get my version of this song… Making Cover Stories an extra special release! 🙂

Next week is my birthday. I find birthdays a little daunting, as they make me think about the past year and everything that has happened. I am pleased to say that a ton has happened since September last year, of which, all of you have been a part of, and I am extremely grateful! I love singing, writing songs, performing and recordingand it has been so fantastic to share the work I’ve put in, alongside my producer, management and creative team with you all in so many forms. Here’s to another year of magic and music! I’m off to Istanbul on Tuesday to celebrate! Cannot contain my excitement 😀 Has anyone been? Or does anyone live there even…?!!

I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend!

Love Harriet Xx

5 thoughts on “Harriet’s Notebook 04.09.2015

  1. I sure am glad that Linda Lambert pre-ordered the “Diamond Package” for me. I am really looking forward to receiving my copy! Don’t be worrying about birthdays until you get to be as old as I am (78)! Time goes fast, so make all the fantastic memories you can. Have a great birthday and celebrate like crazy.

  2. Harriet the priveledge is ours.
    I hope you enjoy your birthday trip.
    From your radio interviews your notebook and lyrics and beautiful voice you seem to be too good to be true. How you stay so grounded is amazing. Most people would be as high as a kite. Exciting times ahead for us all. Thank you. X

  3. Thanks Norma! Your special! And Harriet.. Soooo looking forward to receiving the Dianond Package!
    September is such a great month for a birthday..! I’m on 26th! Istanbul is an amazing place… My daughter worked there for 6 months, so we visited. Walked miles! Places not to miss… The Basillica, seeing the statue of Methuselah deep in the darkness and of course The Grand Bazzar. I got a beautiful spread for the end of our bed with matching cushion covers…. And lots of spices!… Great for marinating fish and meat! Got to eat a Fish Sandwich at the waters edge! Get a personal guide because that way you lean lots of little things the guide books don’t tell you, you’ll get into the Mosques etc quicker. Blue Mosque…wow…
    Ok so you get the picture… It’s a great place to visit… Make sure you have a big sd card in your phone! You’ll love it!

    1. Thank you Linda! It was wonderful. What a beautiful city to have lived in – your daughter must have loved every moment. I want to go back again!! We ate fish along the Bosphorus – was delicious. And took a boat ride too. Very special place. I’m so pleased to hear you’ve ordered your diamond package, and one for Norma! Thank You. Really excited about ‘Cover Stories’! Xx

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