Harriet’s Notebook 07.07.2015

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for visiting my new website! What is “Harriet’s Notebook”? Well, its place I can share my thoughts and ideas with all of you who’ve supported me early on in this journey so far.

I want to use this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has purchased CDs from my new online shop. I had no idea that the ‘gold fan package’  was going to be as successful as it was; it sold out in a day! A few of you have asked why there were so little available – Essentially it was a collection of unreleased physical promo CDs pressed within the last 12 months for radio stations. We wanted to offer more but we were specifically limited to 10 packages, due to there only being 10 remaining copies of “Maybe This Christmas”. I thought that fans would love to have these as keepsakes; hence my making them available to buy. Despite these being out of stock, there are still copies of ‘Introducing Harriet’ on sale! (Click here to visit the shop)

I’ve had a lot of requests to increase the edition amount if we should ever arrange a similar package in the future. I’ve taken this on board and am constantly relaying your feedback from my Facebook and Twitter pages back to my team. Your support means a lot to me and I will make sure there is something exclusive and exciting to look forward to as much as possible!

I’ll be writing here as often as I can and look forward to sharing the next chapter of this exciting journey with you all!

Lots of love, Harriet X

P.S. Chase the afterglow 😉

16 thoughts on “Harriet’s Notebook 07.07.2015

  1. Harriet,

    Indeed. I hit the link within seconds of it hitting Twitter and they were all sold out before I got there. I was disappointed, ‘cos I’d have eaten that up:)

    I hope you somehow find a way to make that edition, or something similar available again.

    I hope you are in the rudest of rude health and are making a ton of dosh–in what is a hard world these days. Your voice is lovely and you sing real songs. I’m so fed up of all this electronic doo doo that is running around nowadays. I don’t know for sure, but I’d bet your voice doesn’t need too much running through auto-tune:)



  2. Hi Harriet, what a great idea to share your “notebook” with us. Can I suggest a couple of things?
    Perhaps you can publish the lyrics of your songs.
    And if you can share some thoughts on how you came to write your songs, it would be so cool to hear about them.

      1. For lyrics, all of your own compositions, please.
        And as for your “design notes”, we have heard your comments on Soundcloud about how you came to write Afterglow and Whats Mine is Yours, so something similar for example about First and Last and Can I Keep You would be great, thanks.

  3. ‘ Harriet’s Notebook’ looks lie it will be a great site. Looking forward to getting involved with it 🙂

  4. HI Harriet,
    So enjoying all the radio broadcasts, just wish I could have seen some of the live gigs,but it is difficult to arrange anything whilst undergoing medical treatment.
    Still eagerly waiting for your album, and keep up the great work.
    Love Always
    Alan xxx

    1. Thank you Alan. I’m sure there will be lots more opportunities to come and see me live! Take care and Feel better 🙂

  5. Hi Harriet
    I wasn’t one of those who purchased the CDs, as I have all your collection on iTunes so far. Including Sound Cloud.
    You are certainly one of those I follow now, as your voice is just gold.

    Really looking forward to seeing what you have chosen from fans’ requests for the new EP Covers.

    All the best

    South Lincs

  6. I am so pleased that it is all working out for you. I missed the Gold Package, but have the CD, signed. Looking forward to the next few months and releases. And hopefully getting to see you live.

  7. Harriet’s Notebook is an awesome idea. So glad you are sharing all of this with us! Hope to be a part of your journey for years to come! Thank you for sharing, Harriet!

  8. Just amazing and exciting. Worried I may miss new offerings.
    Waiting for the covers album.
    This will sell like hotcakes.
    Best wishes Tim x

    1. Hi Michele, We don’t have a specific date in mind for the album. But I can assure you that there will be more releases this year! 🙂

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