Harriet’s Notebook 14.09.2015

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I hope you are all well. I’m back from Istanbul and had a fabulous time! Thank you all for your lovely comments and Birthday wishes.

Today I’d like to give you a little thank you gift in the form of an unreleased original song that Steve Anderson and I wrote during the ‘Afterglow’ sessions. Being one of the first songs we wrote together, ‘Let You Go’ is incredibly special to me and I’m so happy to share it with you all via Soundcloud where its available for you to download. I am extremely grateful for all your love and support with my new physical release ‘Cover Stories’, and felt ‘Let You Go’ was the best way I could show my appreciation 🙂 Also, given it was my Birthday just a few days ago… As the Mad Hatter, from Alice In Wonderland says, “Wishing you all a very merry happy unbirthday”! So here’s my little ‘Un-Birthday’ present to you all!  😀

I hope you enjoy the song and would love to know what you all think!

Lots of love,


P.S. Chase the afterglow… X

P.P.S Here’s the link for the song!


3 thoughts on “Harriet’s Notebook 14.09.2015

  1. What a beautiful God given voice you have. And a talent for lyric writing as well. I do hope you find your niche Harriet X. The world needs more beautiful music. We are sorely missing it these days. I request your music on radio here, but they tend to stay with the mainstream. I do think your management should reach out to Richard Carpenter’s people in America. He’s retired but I’m sure he would be very impressed. He has helped other singers in the past in Japan and Quebec. You never know.

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