Harriet’s Notebook 16.02.2016

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well! So much has happened over the past week! I had a show on Friday night at a beautiful venue in central London called ‘St. James Theatre’. It was such a fantastic night and I am so grateful to all of you who came down. We added some new songs to the set, including Andrew Gold’s brilliant ‘Lonely Boy’ and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’. Thank you all for your lovely comments about the evening – I’m so thrilled you enjoyed the show! I also attempted some dance moves to our arrangement of the Spice Girls’ song, ‘Stop’… It was so much fun – Steve put together a great arrangement for me and the band and I definitely spotted some of you in the audience joining in when the chorus started! 😀 For the first time, as well, I performed a song called ‘Empty Shoes’, which I wrote with the lovely Cliff Masterson. In fact, he played the piano for me on Friday, so was very special as we were able to perform it together. It is a song that is close to both of our hearts and it meant a lot to receive some of your wonderful messages about the performance and lyrics. I look forward to sharing this song again with you all at a future show. There were some great photos taken of the evening – Thank you to everyone who sent them in! Thank you in particular to Barry and Linda, for some of the ones I have included below!

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PS! Thanks for your kind words about ‘Dreams’, that we put up on Soundcloud last week (click here to listen online) Steve and I decided to have a shot at this, as we both adore the song and wanted to see if we could bring something new and interesting to it. I hope we succeeded! The arrangement is different to the original – we wanted the song to start from nothing, and then grow into something dark and dramatic! I loved recording the vocal. Some of you have asked if it will be available to download at some point… We are planning my next release as I write, and as soon as I have more information and something confirmed, I will of course let you all know!

Speak soon,

Harriet Xx

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  1. Just listened to your newest songs and watched some of your St. James Theatre on YouTube. Lovely as always. Looking forward to your forthcoming EPs, CDs, etc. We so need singers of your caliber to keep your style of music alive.

  2. So glad to hear you had a great show! Hopefully, you will come to the states sometime soon! Love “Dreams” and looking forward to any new music you have coming up!

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