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Hello Friends!

Sorry for not writing sooner. I’ve been a busy-bee! I can’t believe we are nearly in September. How fast is this year passing by? I was shopping the other day and there are already Christmas decorations in some of the stores in London! I thought I’d write a little about some music that I am really loving at the moment… As you are probably aware, I have a varied taste in music and as long as a song has a brilliant melody and a connectable lyric – I’m in. Here are my top 5 tracks at the moment.

Emilia Mitiku – You’re Not Right For Me – 2012

I think this is adorable. Heartbreaking. I love country music and this song reminds me of Dolly Parton’s work. I’m always overly cautious when using such a negative lyric as the conclusion to a song; let alone as its title. However, this works so perfectly. There is this perception that every song has to have a positive outcome, or a happy ending, however small. But sometimes, you just need to say how you really feel and be done with it. Let’s face it, this is much more authentic! Emilia does that in a very delicate way here and I think it’s exquisite. Steve and I wrote a song called For Someone Else that addresses a similar subject. The chorus ends with “there’s nothing to say you’re wrong, just right for someone else”. At the time wrote this, I was in a difficult relationship. I loved the person dearly, but knew that we were just not going to make it work… So I ended it. Steve and I wrote the lyric to this song as if it were a letter. He’s out there somewhere, soon to find his perfect match, I’m sure of it.

Markus Feehily – Only You (TBR Oct 2015)

I saw Markus perform this song live earlier this year to promote his single, Love Is A Drug and his new album due out later this year. Unfortunately this Youtube video hasn’t got the best audio, but you get the idea 🙂 I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. I’m sure you, like me are all familiar with Westlife – However I had no idea that Markus could sing like this whilst part of the group. What an instrument. His pitch and tone are superb and his rich, soulful sound is just wonderful. I adore the hook in the chorus of this song and the verse lyric, “searching for sobriety; making friends with enemies” is so profound – And through all this, he eventually comes back to the realisation that “It was always you. Only you”. This really hits a nerve with me… We often focus so much on ‘seeking’ happiness, on what we haven’t achieved and what we don’t yet have. But actually, if we stop and think for a moment, we might realise that in fact we are happy just as we are, with the people that we love. I would highly recommend you check out this album when it is released. You can download Love Is A Drug here.

Rae Morris – Don’t Go (2015)

I discovered Rae a few years ago before she was signed and this was my favourite song. It was released this year on her album Unguarded. Rae has the most angelic voice, and writes so intricately. The melody in the main section of this song puts such an interesting emphasis on its words: “Don’t go, don’t feel like you have to, only if you want to fill my world with hope again. Sometimes people make the wrong moves, walking in the wrong shoes…” I love the way this is written. If you read the lyrics aloud, they are so conversational – so uncomplicated. Rae’s vocal on this track is like a child’s whisper, that occasionally breaks into the passionate cry of a young woman – The texture of her voice is so insightful. She’s been popping up everywhere at the moment. I really look forward to hearing what’s next from her…

Sara Bareilles – Satellite Call (2013)

I heard this song faintly in the background on a TV drama. I had to play it over and over to catch it on Shazam! What an original, inspired lyric. Sara has produced several fantastic records – I Choose You and Love Song are among my favourites. But this one is special. The atmospheric arrangement, sends her dreamy vocals floating through outer-space. The heavy melodic piano part throughout the track gives the song a sense of weight and depth, which is combined exquisitely with Sara’s airy vocal effects that breath across the record. I just love everything about it. “all just perfect little satellites, spinning round and round this broken earthly life” – Wow. Often, I hear a song, and think ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ – this is one of them! I love any lyrics to do with outer space, planets, stars… I don’t know why! It’s all magic to me 😀

George Michael – Let Her Down Easy 2014

Ok, so my obsession with this man is no secret. There are some voices that in touching any song, turn them to gold. George does this for me. This cover of Terence Trent D’Arby’s little gem is one of my favourite tracks on George’s Symphonica album, released last year. The lyric is a rainbow of words – “strawberry eyes… velvet lies…butterscotch glow… crayon world of paper clouds”. This is the perfect juxtaposition to the song’s message. I will let you decide for yourselves what it is about… 🙂 I could watch the video a thousand times – Such a sublime visual to go accompaniment to this perfect piece of songwriting. As always, George’s phrasing makes me gooey. I am yet to see him live – Fingers crossed there will be a show very soon. Hearing him perform this in person would be the icing on the cake.



P.S. I’m just about to leave for a ‘wrap-up’ meeting with my team about a musical project we’ve been weaving together throughout August and is very near to completion. I can’t wait to reveal further details soon. Keep your eyes on the site for updates. I’m so excited to share with you all!

2 thoughts on “Harriet’s Notebook 20.08.2015

  1. I will check out the music you have been listening to and maybe you can check out some of the music I have been listening to. The CDs I have been listening to are Emily West “All For You”, Rumer “Into Colour”, “Introducing Harriet”, Trisha Yearwood “Prizefighter”, Jamie O’Neal “Eternal and 2 relatively unknowns from Nashville Anna LaPrad “Storyteller” and my friend Bridgette Tatum “Unbridled”. All very good music and a change from what’s playing on the radio.

  2. Thank you, Harriet. Beautiful music … Emilia Mitiku – You’re Not Right For Me, George Michael – Let Her Down Easy favorite songs

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