Harriet’s Notebook 21.7.2015

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Hello Everyone,

I am extremely happy and so excited to update this weeks Notebook with details of my new covers EP that will be released digitally this friday. I was dropping hints yesterday on the songs that feature on the EP and two of you in particular got very close (a round of applause to one Mr.Gawn who correctly guessed Aerosmith and Mr.Reynolds at the fantastic blog MyFizzyPop rightly identified the title track!). So without further delay – Here’s the track-listing… She’s Out Of My Life, I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing and the title track is Every Breath You Take (listen here)

Covers EP Cover Art #1.4

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the project. The EP was of course produced by the wonderful Steve Anderson. This summer, the two of us spent days in the studio, experimenting with different interpretations of songs by writers that we’ve always respected and loved. Diane Warren, for example, is one of my favourite composers! I wanted to bring a feminine edge to these songs, originally performed by three iconic male vocalists. I hope you enjoy the EP. We absolutely loved making it 🙂

Those of you asking ‘what about your original songs, Harriet?!’ Don’t worry. We have plans for further releases this year! But my lips are sealed. I just thought that a digital EP of covers would be a good intermission between my recent single, Fly and my next release of original material. I wanted to celebrate some of the music that has inspired the way I interpret and write songs with my own versions of these iconic classics. You can hear an exclusive preview of the EP by clicking on the Sound-cloud link here.

Lots of Love,

Harriet X

P.S. As soon as I know, I’ll update the site with details about where you can download the Every Breath You Take EP this friday. But stay tuned to my Twitter, Facebook page and of course here about Fridays digital download links such as Amazon & iTunes.



9 thoughts on “Harriet’s Notebook 21.7.2015

  1. Harriet, how wonderful. I am so happy for you and can’t wait to buy the album. Those are excellent song choices (although I was really hoping you’d choose “in my Life” by the Beatles as one. Bonus track?? lol). Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world. I know it’s a long shot, but maybe one day I’ll see you in Austin, Tx. You do know we’re the live music capital of the world right? hint hint. Bravo to you and all the best!

    1. Hello David, thank you for your message! I’m so pleased you like the song choices. It was a special EP to make 🙂 As soon as it is possible, I would love to tour all over the world, including Austin! See you there 😀

  2. Hi Harriet

    I’m sure this EP release will be as good as the songs I have brought before on Itunes, however it is a shock not to see your cover of “I’m not in love” which is on your Youtube channel on this EP list, hopefully you will put it on your album, as it is too good a version not to get a release.

    1. Hi Bobby, I am so pleased that you liked my version of ‘I’m Not In Love’. This covers EP is a new project, which was why the song was not included. However, there is nothing from stopping us releasing the song in the future…! Harriet

  3. Hi Harriet,
    I’m a new fan after hearing your cover of Every Breath You Take on OutQ this morning. You have such a beautiful and relaxing voice. Looking forward to hearing and purchasing more of your work.

  4. Just love everything you do.
    In my ears you can do no wrong.
    One album of all of your songs so far will go platinum.
    Thank you for sharing your voice.

  5. Hi Harriet. Your voice really is liquid gold. Really ‘really’ impressed with ALL the songs (and videos) you’ve published so far. Covers are simply BRILLIANT whilst your Originals are inspired. Cant get enough. How can we persuade you to come and perform live up North? Would love to see and hear you live anywhere near Liverpool or Manchester! Keep doing what you do…its MAGIC. xxx

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