Harriet’s Notebook 25.08.2015

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Hello Friends,

Oh my goodness! Exciting news!!

Thrilled to announce that I will soon be releasing a physical covers album called… COVER STORIES.

As the title suggests, it will consist of a collection of cover songs, including the three from my recent digital EP, ‘Every Breath You Take’, and more. With all songs produced by Steve Anderson.

I love looking at all your feedback on my social media pages and website and have noticed that a lot of you really enjoyed the covers EP, but would have also loved to have had it in a physical form. Hence the decision to release this CD. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to collect all the covers that Steve and I have experimented with in-between recording my debut album. This is still on course to be released soon, but I wanted to give you something special, exclusively available through my online shop in the meantime.

I was so overwhelmed by the response to the ‘Gold Fan Package’ that we made available upon the opening of my online shop, that we have decided to do a smilier thing with this release. I’m incredibly excited to confirm that the ‘Diamond Package’ of ‘Cover Stories’ will give you the chance to be forever connected to this release… So what do I mean by that…? Well, you, as my fans are incredibly important to me and are the fundamental reason behind me doing what I do. Therefore, in order show my immense appreciation at this stage, I would love to take the opportunity to ‘thank’ you on the physical record itself. More details to come…

As there are significantly more tracks on this CD than ‘Introducing Harriet’, we’ll be releasing these in a glossy digipak format, and I’ll be signing all of them! ‘Cover Stories’, including the Diamond Package will both be available to pre-order this week, in time for release mid-Autumn. So keep your eyes peeled!
There will be more updates on the way over the next few days on Facebook, Twitter and here, including the artwork, track listing and all important pre-order details.
Lots of love,
Harriet X
P.S. By the way… You may notice there is a little bit of a gap between this announcement and the release date of ‘Cover Stories’. This is because I will be going into the studio to work on a special song that will be solely recorded for the album… Can’t wait! 🙂

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  1. Yay! It makes it a whole lot simpler for us here in the states and especially us old codgers that don’t know how to do half of the stuff on the computer! 😛 Great news!

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