Harriet’s Notebook 25.09.2015

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Hello Everyone,
As promised, here are some more song descriptions for Cover Stories
Happy reading 🙂
Harriet X
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Mack David * Al Hoffman * Jerry Livingston)
Disney. My childhood. And my adulthood – Particularly thanks to having a very special couple of friends who are obsessed! If you don’t get Disney, you don’t get life – We all need to escape to a make-believe place now and then… This was kind of what happened in the studio when I recorded this vocal… And when Steve arranged and produced it, I’m pretty sure he had help from a little mouse! (Hehehe) This was released last year on my Christmas EP, and since then has received such an overwhelming response! Thank you all SO much! Approximately 30’000 plays on Soundcloud alone! Initially when we chose this song, Steve and were adamant that it would remain stripped back and simple. (As you’ve probably gathered) this was pretty impossible to achieve – It was far too hard to sprinkle gold dust all over it, so we did!
She’s Out Of My Life (Tom Bahler)
What an instrument had Michael Jackson. Wow. And what a great loss to the world and to music. I experimented with this song years ago, and was always desperate to do something with it. During the various releases this year, we wanted to give you all some little ‘intermissions’, and this was one of them. We were looking at Michael Jackson songs as options and I suddenly remembered that I’d played around with this one before… I knew Steve would know exactly what to do with it! So we gave it shot. We decided to keep the lyric ‘She’ as the song really is so universal and could be anyone, for everyone; not necessarily just a man singing about his female partner. It was the end of a long day recording in the and we had about 15 minutes before the studio closed. Steve had a piano part recorded; all ready to go, so we turned all the lights off just went for it. It is hard to describe these moments when something incredibly magical happens… This was one of them. I believe that this song is haunted. I struggled to keep it together in the studio and I’m much the same when signing it live – Tom Bahler wrote something that sends the singer and the listener into a trance almost. It’s extraordinary.
If (When You Go) (Judie Tzuke * Steve Anderson)
I am honoured to have worked with Judie Tzuke on several occasions now. She has in fact become a profound part of my musical journey so far, and several of the songs we have written together, along with Steve Anderson have become quite ‘defining’ for me. This song, written by the two of them is like a little gold star – It sparkles infinitely and I know has touched a lot of people. Sometimes it is hard to put into words what you want to say to someone you love at a particular time. And it’s easy to give them a song, a photograph, a poem… Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem, ‘If’, is given the ultimate platform by Steve and Judie, with the most exquisite melody – It is a joy to sing, and something I love to get completely lost in. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to record this song.

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