Harriet’s Notebook – 28.01.2016

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Hello Everyone,

I haven’t posted here for a while – I can’t believe we are nearly in February now! I have already had such a great start to the year and I am so grateful to those of you who have been part of it 🙂 My gig at St. James Theatre in London on 18th January sold out in just a few days; I couldn’t believe it! It went so well and it was lovely to meet some of you in person after the show. My band and I performed some new songs that we’ve never tried live before, which made it all the more exciting, and we will be adding some more to the set at the next gig. I’m so excited to be back at St. James on Friday 12th February. It is a stunning venue, and everything feels so special and intimate there. If you haven’t already, you can book your tickets for the show here, where I will be again supported by the lovely singer-songwriter, Tom Butler.

Thank you Graham Gall for the lovely photo!

2016 is going to be a brilliant year. My team and I have been in and out of meetings over the past few weeks, planning what I’ll be doing over the next few months. We are planning more shows, and I’ll be performing outside of London as soon as we can! We also have some exciting new releases planned, which I will tell you more about very soon. I’m exciting to be writing with a wonderful guitarist and songwriter, Rikki Glover this week, and can’t wait to get back into the studio with Steve Anderson next week to work on some brand new material. Steve and I started working together for the first time exactly 3 years ago… Gosh, so much has happened since then. Wow!

Regarding CDs, some of you have requested more copies of Cover Stories. As soon as I have more of an update on this, I will let you know. All I can say, is that there will definitely be something new and ‘physical’ on it’s way soon…

Lots of love Harriet Xx

9 thoughts on “Harriet’s Notebook – 28.01.2016

  1. Enjoyed watching your career go from strength to strength.
    Hoping that you find a good recording deal if that is what you want. Love everything about you.
    Glee club Birmingham close to the main railway station.
    Perfect venue.

  2. Yay! Since I am unable to see you live, I am glad to hear that I will be able to buy some new music soon! I’m not surprised that your January show sold out and here’s hoping your February show does the same! Enjoying your music now, but ready for more! Hope to see you in Kansas City someday soon!

  3. I hope we can maybe see what we didn’t see on You Tube…? Hopefully North of the Border..so pleased it’s all going so well for you. Xx

  4. It has now been over a year since I first heard your voice and music. It has been such a joy for me to listen to your beautiful sound and the ever growing body of songs that you have produced, particularly over the past year or so. I love hearing you sing and I smile inside when I sing along with you (and probably smile outside, too). I think you have lifted your growing audience of fans. Best wishes on the upcoming year and all that you hope to accomplish and come your way. I look forward to the day you can make a trip to the states spread your music to other shores. Wishing you the best on the shows and the new music! I will be anticipating, in the meantime.

  5. Hello. Love your message that you posted. Hope your career continues to blossom. Maybe one day your might come to The Stables at Wavendon.
    Listen to your albums all the time. Enjoy working on the new songs and don’t work to hard.
    Karen xx

  6. Hello, loved reading your message. Hope your career continues to blossom. Maybe one day you might perform at The Stables near Wavendon
    Your album’s are always being played. Enjoy recording the new material and don’t work to hard. Xxx

  7. Your show was amazing at St James Theatre on 18th January Harriet.
    It really was such a marvellous and intimate venue and evening made extra special by meeting you after the show.
    Well worth the trip from Liverpool.So sorry cant be there on 12th Feb…but so looking forward to your upcoming other dates and material
    Dont stop doing what you do…its mesmerising!

  8. I hope to get some of your cds, dvds,be great to see you when you tour in the US. Much Love from Rock Hill SC.

  9. Hope to get cds, dvds, really enjoying your music. Be great to see you tour in the US. Much Love !

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