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Hello Everyone!

My new single, ‘Broken For You’ has made the Radio 2 Playlist, as well as now being playlisted on the Bauer City 2 and UKRD networks. These are very important here in the UK and to have their support in this way is unbelievable. I still can’t believe it! I have been so fortunate to have received so much love from radio. And, what an amazing day Sunday was! I performed live on Gaby Roslin’s BBC Radio London show – that was very special moment.  It means the world to me to have so much incredible support from you all – stations, presenters and of course, listeners! Listen out for my interviews on your local radio shows over the next few days. Those of you who have met me, know that I can TALK (haha), so answering your questions and speaking about music as much as I’ve had the opportunity to recently, is a JOY! 😀 What an amazing few weeks it’s been!

‘Broken For You’ is available to buy now, and I’ll be celebrating the release with you all in spirit this Friday 1st July! 🙂

Speak soon

Lots of love to you all,

Harriet xx

You can listen to my recent live interview with Talk Radio Europe {here}

I’ll be playing and talking about some of my favourite music on {Artist Controlled Radio} tomorrow night at 7pm.

6 thoughts on “Harriet’s Notebook – Radio 2 Playlist

  1. Richly deserved,you are a unique and spectacular talented lady.much respect.

  2. So glad to have met you at Pheasantry and St James…so glad you brighten EVERY day of my life with your music…cant wait for your album and the repressing of Cover Stories…You are sooooo talented…Please dont stop doing what you do…Dx

  3. I am thrilled for you Harriet! Not only do you deserve all this support, but it is really hard to come by nowadays with radio. I should say with the American radio, I’m not sure about the UK! I would say though that you are a mighty lucky young lady to get such support. Take care and looking forward to more music from my favorite artist! <3

  4. Hi Harriet. you were amazing on Gaby Roslin’s show, particularly the song unlove me, which moved Gaby to tears, it was so special. You sang it so beautifully as you do all ballads. It is amazing to hear you sing live. She even made you sing it again after you sang she’s out of my life. Could listen to you all day and not get tired

  5. So good to be hearing more of you on radio 2, even if the presenters talk over your beautiful song . Can’t wait to hear more new and original music from you and your fantastic band. Go get em Harriet, you beautiful talented lady ❤

  6. Apologies Harriet I got the name of your song wrong. I know it is called unlove you, not unlove me. A Freudian slip??? I could never ask teach me to unlove you
    Did I see you on tv at the premiere of AB FAB today

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