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Hello Friends!

Thank you to everyone who made it along to my gig at the beautiful ‘Pheasantry’ on Tuesday night. It was a truly magical evening, and was so incredibly special to perform in such an intimate space. I’ve had some lovely feedback from you about the new songs and I just can’t wait for the next show! As soon as the date is secure, I will let you all know 🙂

It was the first time I’d performed a show of this length with an interval in the middle of two sets, and it just felt amazing. You all stuck with me throughout the whole thing. I hope you liked the new covers we did of ‘Desperado’ and ‘Never Be The Same’ – I’m looking forward to doing those ones again. And I only just got through ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ without breaking down – I was a bit nervous about singing this song live, given it’s significance to me, but I am so glad I did and I really hope you enjoyed it.

As always, it was lovely to meet some of you after – This for me is one of the best bits about these shows – You do so much for me as it is with buying a ticket and making the journey to come along; all the extra love I receive afterwards is just awesome!! It is particularly nice to put faces to names of those of you I’ve met on social media 🙂

I am so excited about my album being released this year. I know it is something you have all been waiting for patiently and I am very grateful to everyone who has stuck with me throughout this whole process. I promise to make the album worth waiting for. And I will keep you updated with every detail as the rest of the year unfolds.

I hope you all have a super weekend!

Lots of love,



4 thoughts on “Harriet’s Notebook – The Pheasantry

  1. Hi Harriet……not been able to get to your last two shows….but pleased to hear it all went well.

    The Best is yet to come is one of my favourite songs of yours……the words can make me feel emotional even though the song has no significance to me so I ‘get’ how it could effect you if the words resonate with you. On your CD you sing all the songs with such emotion…..and sometimes I just stand there transfixed with all the feelings that I feel and hear in your songs.

    In the short time I have been listening to your music and singing I have had so much pleasure and I thank you for that. xx

  2. Hi Harriet! Wish I could’ve been able to attend your show because I’ve heard all kinds of good things about it. Looking forward to the new album and new music from you. Play your cds all the time now. Gonna have to get you to the States before I get too old to do anything. Looking forward to the new music and glad you had a great show. Continued success. You’ve always got my support!

  3. Hi Harriet, I thoroughly enjoyed your show and am really looking forward to your next one.

    I hope you don’t mind if a I post this link to the video of Fly taken at The Pheasantry https://youtu.be/Q-2CfDshAjY

    PS Can I call myself your official photographer lol 😉

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