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Welcome to HarrietsMusic – The official website for Harriet! To celebrate the launch of the site, we are very excited to open the online shop for all things HarrietFor the first time, fans will be able to check out her videos, get all the latest information on releases, hear about live dates and be the first to get exclusive CDs only available through this site! Today we can also announce the physical release of Introducing Harriet – a CD featuring Afterglow, First and Last, What’s Mine Is Yours  and her latest single Fly. Introducing Harriet is available now on the shop and for a limited time Harriet will sign the first 30 orders of CD.

For a strictly limited period, the shop also features the opportunity to obtain the Gold Fan Package which includes over ten Harriet songs spread over FOUR extremely rare physical CDs – none of which has ever been released before now. Due to the extremely rare number of these CD’s in existence, the shop only has ten of these exclusive Gold Fan Packages available – once they’re gone they are gone!

Each of the original CDs, 3 of which are only available within the Gold Fan Package, will be exclusively signed. In addition, it features a personalised letter from Harriet alongside an autographed photograph. As the shop only has ten of these Gold Fan Packages available they will also be hand-signed and numbered by Harriet. For further details regarding the Gold Fan Package check out the dedicated section of the shop here.

For more information the Introducing Harriet CD and the Gold Fan Package please check the shop link: here.



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